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1. Open Outlook 2013

2. Click on File in the Top Left Corner of Outlook

3. Click on Add Account

4.Select Manual Setup and Click on Next

5.Choose the Last Option Pop or Imap

6.Complete the following form with your credentials and account settings

7.Then Click on More Settings

8.Click on OutGoing Servers Tab and tick Check off the first option

9.Go to the Advanced Tab: Check the SSL option on the Incoming Server POP3 On the OutGoing Server , change the value to 465 and select the SSL Option also

1. Go to your cPanel area..(the URL to that is something of this sort: domain.extension/cpanel) and enter with the credentials

2.Once logged in, there are differents categories of options available to you to manage your hosting space

3. To create databasese or Emails, just go to the corresponding tabs
1. Inside the cPanel, look for the MySQL Databases Option and click on it

2.Create the database by providing the name of the db

3. Create the new User

4. Assign the user to the database

1. In the cPanel, click on the Email Accounts Option in the Email Category

2.Create The new Email

If you happen not to access your website or cPanel, it might be because your IP adress has been blocked by our system. So go to IPLocation and send us your ip adress which will be in the green area

1.Open Filezilla and Enter the credentials we sent you via email when the hosting was bought

1.Go to Public_html folder where you will upload your files